Raving Fans

As I’ve previously mentioned, when I have a book that I really think is beneficial to my staff we often use it for more than one of our Education Plan meetings.  One of those excellent books is Ken Blanchard’s, Raving Fans: A Revolutionary Approach To Customer Service.  This is a book that I think is excellent for everyone.  Whether you are working with the customers that are buying your product, or the customer you are serving is your boss, this book is full of great stuff.  In one of our previous company education meetings one of our team members, Red, taught us about Raving Fans.  One of the points he made that stuck out in my mind was:

“Once you have your vision of what you want and listen to your customers and find out what they want you need to DELIVER TO YOUR CUSTOMERS PLUS 1%”  One percent may not sound like a lot, but if you are delivering to expectations, plus 1%, it is a lot.   But DON’T PROMISE TOO MUCH TO GAIN CUSTOMERS AND THEN NOT MEET THEIR EXPECTATIONS!

It takes way too much time, money and effort setting up new clients to let it fall apart after the fact with poor follow up service.  A great product cannot sustain a relationship.  If you’ve built a relationship and don’t foster it once you have the customer, it will be a short term relationship.  Once you have built the relationship, deliver what you’ve promised PLUS 1%.

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