My Personal Life Plan

One of my co-workers got me listening to the podcast of Michael Hyatt.  I’ve really enjoyed some of the podcasts that I’ve had the opportunity to listen to.

Recently, that same co-worker sent me a link to an e-book from Michael Hyatt called, “Creating Your Personal Life Plan.”  After reading through the book quickly I decided that it would be a good subject for one of our Kodiak Mountain Stone education meetings, and I would be the one to present it.  As I was preparing for the meeting I felt that in order to present it with some meaning to our team I had better go through the process that is outlined in the book.  That is when the book hit me in a different way.

In the beginning of the book he asks you to identify some of the most important constituents in your life.  Then he wants you to write down the answer for each of them, “what will they say when I am dead?”

I didn’t think too much of this until I actually started to write how I hoped my spouse, my children, my friends and associates would think of me when I’m dead.

I not only suggest you go to Michael Hyatt’s website to find out how to get your own copy of the book, I suggest you go through the processes in the book and create your Personal Life Plan.




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