Starting “The Power of Starting Something Stupid”

I’ve been anxious to read Richie Norton’s new book, “The Power of Starting Something Stupid.”  I’m lucky enough to have an “advanced reader’s edition” to preview and I started reading today.  It is a unique opportunity to read a book written by a personal friend that includes stories of people I personally know.

I have a lot going on today and didn’t expect to be able to read much of the book.  But WOW! Richie has done an amazing job in this book.  I Can’t Put It Down!

Richie has received some incredible endorsements for his book from the likes of Steve Forbes, Seth Godin, Stephen M.R. Covey, Jack Canfield… and the list goes on and on.  There’s a reason he has received these endorsements, the book is great!

The release date of the book is still a few weeks away, but you can pre-order your copy today on

The Power of Starting Something Stupid

Right now you can also get a digital copy of his book Résumés Are Dead and What to Do About Iton Amazon as well!

I’m using this to do more than promote the work of a friend.  Richie’s work is great and you need to read it.  Make sure to get his books!

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One thought on “Starting “The Power of Starting Something Stupid”

  1. I loved reading Richie’s book too. Having gone to school with him as well made some of the stories that much more interesting. I also wrote a few posts on the ideas that resonated the most with me here I agree with your last sentence, the ideas in the book outweigh the need to do any promoting. Great post.

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