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Last week I was visiting with the daughter of an elderly lady in the hospital next to her mothers bed.  This lady was going to be 93 years old in only a few more hours.  That next day she passed away.  I am a bishop in our church and had the opportunity to conduct her funeral.  The funeral was packed full of family from all over North America showing up.  There were obviously some sad tears because she was gone, but the day was really a celebration of her life.  She had lived a long, good life with many family and friends who loved her.

In the next few days there is going to be another funeral where the life of another incredible person will be celebrated, but this one is much different.  Yesterday I found out that the brother of one of my friends was in an accident and was killed.  He’s a young man that had just celebrated is first wedding anniversary.  You can read more about this tragic accident at the following link and I encourage anyone who can to make a large or small donation to help his young wife out with the growing expenses she is facing right now.

Tonight I was reading something online that his wife had posted.  At such a difficult time in her life she offers some important advice.

“PLEASE hold those dear to you close tonight.  Mend relationships that have tarnished, take advantage of every time you talk to them.”

Those are words we should all take to heart.  We never know how long we have.  We never know when good-bye is our last good-bye.  We don’t have time to make things better later, to forgive later.  Mend relationships!

20 years, 50 years or 93 years.  It doesn’t matter how long you are here on this earth, it’s too short of a time to waste being angry or holding a grudge.

With your loved ones, make sure they know how much you love them.  Give them your time.  Give them your attention.  Give them your love.  Hold them close to you.

For yourself, live life with passion.  Live each day to it’s fullest.  Enjoy each moment that God has given you.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Dakota, the Ripley family and Passey family.

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