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Mental health is a topic that can be hard for some people to talk about. A number of years ago I went through a time period that I had to deal with depression. To this day, there are very few people that know about that because I’ve never talked about it. There’s a stigma with it that made me feel ashamed for having to deal with a mental health issue. But that is totally the wrong attitude to have when it comes to mental health. I’ve broken bones in the past. I wasn’t ashamed to admit that I had injured myself and accept help. Mental health should be no different.

My daughter is currently serving a mission for our church in Halifax NS Canada. For about a year she has been dealing with depression and anxiety at different levels and at different times. For a girl that has such a strong personality, that is use to being in control and at the top of her game, it is tough to deal with. As an athlete she’s able to push herself past what other people thought were impossible levels to surpass. She’s always been strong, she’s always been a leader. So to have something like this beat her down almost to the point of submission was devastating. 

She has had some very difficult days and weeks in the recent past. But the past couple of weeks she has had a very good attitude about dealing with it and is doing quite well. She has an incredible support system there in Halifax and literally throughout Canada and the United States. Today she did something that I thought was extremely brave for a 19 year old girl to do. On Facebook ( and Instagram (@tiaheggie) she posted a video acknowledging her struggles and encouraged anyone else who is dealing with anything similar to talk to someone and to seek help. She wanted to “open up about it in hopes that it would help someone.” 

It’s touching to read the comments people have posted to express their love and support to her. But in addition to the love and support, many people have thanked her for talking about it and go on to express how they have or are dealing with similar mental health issues themselves.

It shouldn’t be something anyone is too ashamed to talk about. There is help, there is support. There are too many that need someone to talk to, but they refuse to open up. Help is available, accept it. 

I love you Tia! I’m proud of you. I’m proud of all you do. You are making a difference in the world. You are changing lives!

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