006 The Jeff & Heidi Show Podcast with Melissa Ambers

In Episode 005 of The Jeff & Heidi Show, we interview Melissa Ambers of Behind The Scene Expert, LLC

Episode 006 Guest: Melissa Ambers

Melissa is the President and Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of Behind The Scene Expert, LLC. As an extraordinary covert guru and project manager with over twenty years of experience, she and her team offer tools and expert advice to produce top quality work.

Behind The Scene Expert, LLC team offers sensible solutions to eliminate the frustration and overwhelming reality of working in the back office with endless tasks. Many small business owners and solopreneurs are looking to hire Behind The Scene Expert to take a systematic approach to grow their business. Their proficiency with tools and systems ensures that you and your team will stay efficient so that everyone meets their deadlines and can focus on growth and profitability.

She is a two time International Best Selling Author of Set Yourself Apart: Become An Efficent Assistant Utilizing Devices & Online Tools and Coffee Sugar Cream: An Effective Guide To Manage Business Processess . Melissa has received a Proclamation from the Mayor of Houston, Texas, April 18th is named “Melissa Ambers Day” and May 11th BOSS Day (Building Opportunities Savvy Solutions). She is known for being efficient and boosting productivity wit her clients. Providing solutions are essential to Melissa to ensure that clients and their staff are adequately trained. Clients like Judge Lucia Bates on her Campaign and back office, RBY Ministries, Ferrell’s Photography, KANO Productions, RW Couture, BY Publishing, and many others have seen a tremendous change in the day-to-day operations.

Melissa has been the Event Director for various prodigious events like The Freedmen’s Town Exhibit, 20th Year Legacy Gala for Domestic Violence, and Faith Awards. As the Event Director, she has worked with organizations to provide efficient and effective solutions to decrease cost and develop new processes to allow time to work with clients.

As a Chief Administration Officer or an Event Director, Melissa is known for utilizing her devices and online tools to ensure efficiency. Technology changes almost every day, and Melissa is so intrigued by today’s technology that she stays on top of what works best for her clients.


In the interview we talk about our Inner Circle Mastermind that Melissa is a part of. You can find out more about our Inner Circle Mastermind and how to become a member HERE.

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