What A Blind Dog Taught Me

Daily Success Strategies Episode 022: Lessons Learned From A Blind Dog


My message today was something I learned when I was at my parents house in Canada. My parents raise Labrador’s and have some beautiful dogs. One of their dogs, Ronnie, is blind.

Assuming that a blind dog on a farm just sits next to his dog house all day long wondering what are the strange sounds around him are was wrong. In my message I explain how Ronnie goes with the other dogs every day as my dad takes them for runs to exercise.

There are so many lessons that can be learned from this dog, but the one that I focus on today is the fact that Ronnie has every reason to give up on life and just sit next to his doghouse and do nothing. But he chooses to do what brings him joy and run every day with the other dogs.

We need to learn a lesson from this blind dog and focus on the things that bring us joy and let go of all the things that we have no control over and frustrate us so much.

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