Course Bonuses Announced & The Flywheel

Episode 025: Daily Success Strategies – Course Bonuses & The Flywheel


Watch or Listen to this new episode of Daily Success Strategies to hear my announcement of the incredible bonuses that are to be included in my new course, Marketing Accelerated! Take advantage of the discount available if you pre-register before Monday and you will still receive all of these amazing bonuses.

I also talk about the Flywheel concept from Jim Collins book Good to Great. Like a flywheel, many of the things we do in life that an extraordinary amount of work to get going, but one the momentum has built up we can keep it going with the same amount of work (or even less) than it took to get it going in the first place.

However, if we let the flywheel come to a stop, it’s going to take the same original effort to get it going again. Are there things that you’ve let slip, or things that you’ve stopped doing since the beginning of the pandemic? You need to get started again and build up that momentum, now

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