Strategic Ignorance

Jeff Heggie Daily Success Strategies 040: Strategic Ignorance

In today’s podcast I talk about Strategic Ignorance and how it pertains to your road to success. Please share this message with someone else.

“It’s knowing what to avoid.

Benjamin Hardy

Notes on Strategic Ignorance from Benjamin Hardy’s book ‘Personality Isn’t Permanent.’

“With increased options come increased choices. This may seem like a good thing, but for most people it is not. More choices mean more decisions… decision fatigue can lead to you getting stuck in negative cycles. A lot of the choices you encounter on a daily basis are endless rabbit holes to nowhere. Instead of keeping the door open to more choices, you need the discernment and confidence to close most doors so you’re entirely unaware of them.

…It’s too costly for your mind to be focused on the wrong things, one you become serious about success and change.

  • We assume that more choice means better options and greater satisfaction.
  • However, choice overload makes you question the decisions you make before you even make them.
  • Choice overload leaves you in a perpetual state of FOMO – the fear of missing out – always looking over your shoulder and questioning the decisions you’ve made.
  • This puts you in a constant state of stress, always feeling like you’re falling short, always questioning the decisions you’ve made, always wondering what could have been.

…If you’re serious about achieving goals and intentionally moving forward in your life, you must create an environment that shields you from most of the world.

…Strategic ignorance is not about being closed-minded. It’s about knowing what you want and knowing that, as a person, you can be easily swayed tor derailed. Rather than putting yourself in stupid situations and being forced to rely on willpower due to lack of planning, you simply avoid stupid situations. You even avoid amazing situations that you know are ultimately a distraction to becoming your desired future self… You create boundaries… You live your priorities and values and dreams.

…Selective ignorance is not the avoidance of learning. It’s not the avoidance of getting feedback. It’s simply the intelligence of knowing that with certain things and people, the juice will never be worth the squeeze. It’s knowing what to avoid.”

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