Daily Success Strategies: Personality Isn’t Permanent

Jeff Heggie Daily Success Strategies Podcast – Episode 045: Personality Isn’t Permanent

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Read my article, Who You Become Is A Choice, which is my review of Benjamin Hardy’s new book, Personality Isn’t Permanent, HERE

In this episode of my Daily Success Strategies podcast I talk more about Benjamin Hardy’s new book, Personality Isn’t Permanent. I don’t go into the same detail as I do in my article, which you can find the link to above. In this podcast I focus becoming the person we want to become by setting our goals and intentionally working towards them. As we work towards those goals, if we want to achieve them we need to act as the person we want to become rather than the person we currently are.

Listen to this podcast, read my article, and if it sounds like a book you’ll enjoy (which I know that you will), you can get a free copy of the first chapter HERE, and you can pre-order the book HERE (releases June 16, 2020).

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