What Will You Commit To Achieve This Week?

Jeff Heggie’s Daily Success Strategies – Episode 052: What Will You Commit To Achieve This Week?

Its going to be a big week. To make it a successful week and accomplish everything that you need to, make some plans and commit to them. Make sure they are commitments that will make it a successful week and will also get you closer to your bigger goals.

Rosa Parks said, “When ones mind is made up, the fear diminishes “

Look at the things that you know you need to be working on to achieve your big goals but you’ve been putting off. Make a commitment to do those things. Once you make that commitment, the fear will diminish and you can get it done.

Go out and kill it this week!

My Accountability

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When I posted this episode, I included the comment below:

I don’t want to talk about these things and not be doing them myself, so I’ll use this as my opportunity to publicly commit to what I talk about in this episode. One of my big goals is to have my online courses all running successfully, helping entrepreneurs grow themselves and their businesses. My goal is to have 10,000 people go through my courses. To achieve this goal, this week I will be focusing on my marketing strategies and funnels with my e-Learning Marketing System as well as my Marketing Accelerated course. For my week to be successful with these, my Marketing Accelerated course will be running with new FB ads and my e-Learning Marketing System will have a new funnel and be launched on my site, www.JeffHeggie.com. I’ve blocked my times throughout the week to have focused, dedicated time to do this.

What are you doing? – Jeff Heggie

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