What Have You Accomplished During This Pandemic

Jeff Heggie Daily Success Strategies – Episode 057

In this episode of my Daily Success Strategies podcast I talk about the things that I’ve been able to accomplish during the Coronavirus Pandemic. My hope is that as you look at everything that you’ve been able to accomplish during this time you will be able to realize that it is significant and continue to build on that momentum.

Take the time to list everything you’ve accomplished since this pandemic began and then click on the button below and leave me a voice recording. Tell me about the successes you’ve had. Share your breakthroughs and all of the things you’ve accomplished.

I’ll be picking a few of the recordings to share on future podcast episodes. So share your inspirational stories and your thoughts or ideas that will motivate others to keep going!

PS – Yes, I know it’s June 29th today, not the 30th. I made the mistake of saying the 30th in the podcast 🙂

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