Who Not How – The Formula to Achieve Bigger Goals Through Accelerating Teamwork

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Who Not How is a powerful concept that I learned from Dan Sullivan. I felt that it was such an important concept that I discuss it it in my High Achievers Mindset Secrets course. When I heard that Benjamin Hardy had teamed up with Dan to write the book, Who Not How, I was anxious to get my hands on it.

Combining Dan’s concepts with Benjamin’s creativity and writing skills has resulted in a book that I highly recommend to entrepreneurs, leaders, or anyone else that wants to get more out of life.

What Are You Trying to Accomplish?

“Our eyes only see and our ears only hear what our brain is looking for.”

Have you ever looked at someone successful that you admire and wonder how they do it? 

Time is finite, they don’t get any more hours in the day than anybody else, but they just seem to be able to get so much more done.

The reason they can accomplish so much and achieve the things that they have is because they’ve embraced Who Not How. They understand that “results, not effort, is the name of the game”.

Save a Few Bucks

“Having a capability is not an obligation to use it.”

The story Benjamin shares of Carl Castledine is one that I think many entrepreneurs will relate to and is a great example of why we need to embrace Who Not How.

Carl was working in a management position that he wasn’t enjoying. So he quit his job and started his own company in the leisure and tourism industry to allow him to have more freedom to create his vision and to help people have incredible vacation experiences.

He started his company, Away Resorts, in 2013 and like most entrepreneurs worked insane hours. Through grit and willpower he was able to build up a decent clientele, but his business growth was less than it could be.

He knew that he needed an online presence and a much better website for the business. So on top of his ridiculous hours he was already working, he began staying up all night learning to code for several months.

As the CEO of his company, he literally spent hundreds of hours learning to code to build websites.

This took its toll. The company was being neglected, he was deprived of sleep, drained, had no energy, and his patience were running thin.

Finally, at a breaking point, he decided to ask a web developer how much it would cost to build a website for him. To his shock, the man said he would happily do it for only £1,200.

Bigger and Better Future

“There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don’t care who gets the credit.”

Ronald Reagan

Hardy says, “Whenever you imagine a bigger and better future, there’s a problem. You don’t currently know how to achieve the goal, because it’s bigger and better than your current situation and capabilities.”

“If you are like most people, the first thing you do when you imagine a bigger future is ask yourself: “How do I achieve this goal?”

Asking ‘how’ makes sense, it’s the first thing that comes to mind. It’s what we’ve done and been taught all of our lives. 

What if you asked a different question in these situations?

He says, “What if the instant you had a new goal in your mind, rather than procrastinating and feeling frustrated, rather than going through the slow and lonely process of achieving your goals by yourself, you could immediately experience a surge of energy and excitement? What if you could consistently achieve bigger and more powerful results, without having to do all the work? What if you could imagine and accomplish multiple huge goals at once? That’s where Who Not How comes in.”

Who Not How is Truly Simple

“If you’re courageous enough to pursue big goals, you’ll need Whos to help you. You’ll need Whos to transform your vision, giving it greater purpose and possibility than your initial thoughts could.”

Dr. Benjamin Hardy

Successful entrepreneurs and high achievers get more done because they don’t do it all themselves. Rather than automatically asking, “How do I achieve this goal?” they ask, “Who can help me achieve this?”

Who Not How is about focusing on the things that you enjoy and do well, and finding the Whos that will handle the rest. The bigger your goals, the better your Whos need to be.


“The bigger your goals become, the better the Whos you’ll need.”

Dr. Benjamin Hardy

This is a powerful concept for a leader to embrace. Hardy says, “That’s what real leadership is: Creating and clarifying the vision (the “what”) and giving the vision greater context and importance (the “why”) for all Whos involved. Once the “what” and “why” have clearly been established, the specified “who” or “whos” have all they need to go about executing the “how.” All the leader needs to do at that point is support and encourage the Who(s) through the process.”

To be successful with this, you have to give your Who ownership of the “How.” To get their greatest work, you’ll have to relinquish control over how things get done. 

Hardy says, “one of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs and leaders make: micromanaging their Whos and insisting that they do their jobs in a particular way, when the only thing that matters is the end result. Once success has been defined, retrain yourself from needing to know or care “How” it gets done. Your only concern should be that it gets done.”

Create the vision. Communicate what success looks like. Let them do their job. 


“Entrepreneurs base their lives on results. It’s not about time or effort.”

Letting go or taking on a task because you can do it better or quicker than if you try to spend the time to get someone else to do it. But once you can get past this mindset, the growth you can create is unlimited.

Are you getting everything you deserve in life? If not, why not?

What is stopping you or holding you back?

In both my Momentum Series and my High Achievers Mindset Secrets I begin by helping you get clarity on your goals and future (the “what”), while having a deep understanding of your ‘Why.’ 

Once you have set your goals for a new, bigger, and better future of yourself, the next question is, Who Can Help Me Do This?!

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