Episode 043: The Jeff & Heidi Show Podcast with Vicky & Chrissa Tolidou

The World's Favorite Sisters

The World’s Favorite Sisters

In this episode of The Jeff & Heidi Show Podcast we hear from Vicky and Chrissa Tolidou about their entrepreneurial journey.

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The World's Favorite Sisters

Vicky & Chrissa Tolidou

Life is Right Now!

Chrissa Tolidou

Vicky and Chrissa Tolidou share an incredible story of their entrepreneurial journey. Their story begins at the top, but they are knocked down and left with nothing. But with smart, hard work they use the resources and skills that they have to begin a new journey which has been amazing.

“In the Greek financial crisis in 2008 we literally lost everything. In 2012 we went through a house-fire where this time around we lost our identify and track record of what we had achieved for so many years in the film industry. That was the moment that we made the choice to build ourselves back up using the profound skills that we learnt in the TV and movie industry which we now chose to give you through this training.”

“We are the World’s Favourite Sisters. We help you create, grow and expand a profitable and sustainable personal brand on an offline so that people fall in love with you. You will see us working with global speakers, businesses and serial entrepreneurs already successful in their industry looking to rebrand themselves, start up businesses, freelancers, speakers and coaches who are looking to model successful blueprints and strategies for their personal brand.”

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