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Daxon Heggie | 6’2″ 210 lbs | 3.4 gpa | Casteel High School, Queen Creek AZ

One of my great joys in life has been watching my children play their favorite sport. When Daxon was in 2nd grade, we were living in Cardston AB and I had the opportunity to coach him on his first tackle football team. Between basketball and football I had the opportunity to coach him a number of times, but more than a coach, I was his fan.

When we moved to Arizona Daxon began school at American Leadership Academy in Queen Creek. He expressed interest in moving to the quarterback position and was fortunate to have Max Hall (BYU & Arizona Cardinals) as one of the coaches. Max worked hard with Daxon which gave him the opportunity to fill the quarterback position on the junior varsity team his freshman year.

Unfortunately, in the final game of the season, Daxon broke his leg which required surgery and a long recovery.

Daxon loved football, but at the time basketball was really his sport. Because of his broken leg he missed his freshman year of basketball and as a sophomore decided not to play football.

But by his junior year he was eager to get back on the football field and after a great season was able to be a part of the American Leadership Academy 3A State Championship team!

During this time our family had moved. Daxon’s younger sister, Jovi, had transferred to a school that was closer to our new home, Casteel High School. Daxon wanted the opportunity to play his senior year at a 6A school and also transferred at the semester break of his junior year. Because of transfer rules, he knew that this would mean that he would have to sit out half of the regular season games, but he would still be able to play in the spring games, the second half of the season and playoffs.

For recruiting purposes, he knew that spring football would be important for him to gain the attention of college coaches. In March I was on a recruiting trip with him Daxon. It had been a great trip. We visited USC, UCLA, Utah State, Weber State. We were at Southern Utah University and had plans to visit Dixie State the following day. As we were eating lunch at SUU, we saw a press conference in which the government announced shut down rules because of COVID-19.

Unfortunately this ended up meaning there was no spring football. But we were all grateful that they still had the opportunity to play an abbreviated season. Daxon still had to sit out half of their games because of the transfer, but he was able to have a great second half of the season and some playoff games until they were eliminated by Highland in a 30-20 loss. He was able to play in Casteel’s final five games.

Solo Tackles


Total Tackles




2020 was the first year Casteel played in the 6A division. They had a good year and finished as the 6A Fiesta Region Champions.

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