Episode 051: The Jeff & Heidi Show Podcast with Coach Judy Romanoff

In this episode of The Jeff & Heidi Show Podcast we hear from Coach Judy and learn of her entrepreneurial journey.

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Judy Romanoff

Judy Romanoff was called the “Voice for the Single Parent,” as founder of the National Single Parent Resource Center of Boca Raton, beginning in 1992. Today her professional name became, Coach Judy, Talk Show host for, “Getting the Facts to Act & Achieve Success Professionally and Personally beginning in 2002.”

Today her titled includes, “Cognitive Trainer for the Mind,” to help people to better understand, “What is holding one back and how to achieve success as an individual in all parts of one’s life.”

Coach Judy’s knowledge was inspired by, “Walking The Talk” in refusing to be a victim that played out in Family Court, became a former Guardian Ad Litem for the Courts to being active in the community.

Judy became a sponge by learning from all aspects of life to interviewing Experts. They included the late Steve Jobs of Apple, to International Best Selling Author, Dave Pelzer, of the book, “A Child Called It,” as guests on her radio talk shows. They are on Demand at www.CoachJudy.info and continues to change the lives of others. For single parents a, “professional produced video produced on Divorce and Being a Single Parent in 2002,” will be released again in the next year.

“Her Dedication, Passion, Enthusiasm, and Care for Others to Empower Families and Individuals,” led to receiving the “National Phoenix Award” by Parenting Coalition International of Washington D.C. in 1999 for “Creating Outstanding Model Programs and Resources for Families, Home Town Hero for Commerce Bank known today of TD Bank of Boynton Beach in 2006 with doing a Dental Make Over, to being featured on multiple platforms, including National and International, through TV, Newspapers, and Radio. 

Today Coach Judy is building a “One Stop Shop,” to Empower anyone who looks to get ahead professionally and personally. Presently PSA’s on two different programs she offers, are heard on over 10 radio stations being aired now. Once a new board of volunteers is created, various Empowerment Groups will be established.

Coach Judy’s mission is to help others find your their inner self, and turn the negatives or unknowns into positive thoughts and actions. When necessary will direct them to resources in the new, “One Stop Shop,” being developed, or to those who are not yet a part of the services.

Peace and Harmony from the inside out is one of the driving forces for everyone to achieve success and enjoy what ever occurs in life. From Work, Parenting, to even as an animal lover.

Her Motto is: “Get the Facts, Act, & Achieve Success Professionally and Personally.” 



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