Ask Your Coach: Problem Solving with Jeff Heggie

Speaking to the Ask Your Coach group on Problem Solving.

Instagram comment from Tina Gill:

“As we walk this crazy and winding road of life, it’s not news that we will face challenges and problems along the way. So often though, rather than seeing our problems as opportunities for growth, we see them as roadblocks or stop signs, sometimes even allowing them to stop us from moving forward entirely. This broken perspective puts us into a disempowered place, a position of fear and uncertainty which then further hinders out ability to be receptive to solutions to the problem we are faced with.”

Everyone is dealing with a problem you know nothing about

I want to help you to change your perspective on Problems

  • Can’t wait to have money, be successful, be the boss… then I won’t have to deal with these problems
  • Have you ever said something like that?
  • Let me break it to you… it doesn’t matter how much money you have, how successful you are, if you’re the boss or not… you are going to have problems to deal with
    • But here’s the difference
    • If you want more money. If you want to be more successful. If you want to be the boss… If those are things you are striving for, I’ll share the secret to success with you right now…
      • Solve Bigger Problems!
    • Right now, that’s the difference between you and the person you want to be
    • If you’re going to be solving problems anyway, why not solve problems that involve more ZEROS?
      • How much more valuable are you if you are the one that solves the big problems?

What’s Holding You Back

  1. Focus and Time
    • How much time do you spend worrying about little things or things that you cannot control?
    • Road Rage, Steak is overcooked, Gossip, Haters on social media
      • If you’re spending a lot of time worried about these things – YOU NEED BIGGER PROBLEMS
  2. Comfort Zone
    • How much does it bother you to be uncomfortable?
    • If you want to be more successful, become comfortable begin uncomfortable
    • Mindset Questions – What can you do today to step outside of your comfort zone
      • Story: Kodiak Mountain Stone cold calling
    • Stop avoiding your problems and face them head on (Turn your ship into the storm)
  3. People
    • Many of our limiting beliefs come from other people – usually those we love and that are close to us
    • Stop spending your time with people saying that it can’t be done
    • Stop letting unqualified people tell you what’s right, wrong, or possible
  4. Purpose
    • What is your WHY?
    • Never underestimate the power of HUNGER and PURPOSE to overcome something
      • Without it, the first obstacle you face will stop you
      • With it, you don’t hear a NO… How many NO’s until you get a YES?
      • The One Minute Millionaire – woman has 90 days to make $1Million or lose her two children

We all have 24 hours in a day

  • What are you spending your time on
  • How significant are the problems you are solving
  • If you’re going to be solving problems anyway, they may as well be big problems that mean something

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