Episode 058: The Jeff & Heidi Show Podcast with Terri Hunter

Terri Hunter on the Jeff & Heidi Show podcast

In this episode of The Jeff & Heidi Show Podcast, we talk to Terri Hunter about her lifestyle entrepreneurship and her love for the outdoors.

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Terry Hunter


Moving to Jasper 29 years ago as the figure skating coach completely changed Terri’s life. She fell in love immediately with the park and its unbelievable beauty and magnificent nature. She dreamed of being a hiking guide as soon as she heard that there was such a profession. Terri made that dream come true 23 years ago when she became a Certified Hiking Guide with the Association of Canadian Mountains Guides.

Terri has guided many travelers from all over the world sharing her passion and knowledge of all the pure spaces that she has discovered. She believes that the pure spaces of nature are very powerful and that connecting with these spaces can be very nourishing for the soul. She always allows time for her guests to sit in silence and really connect with themselves and the pristine places we explore.
She believes in the importance of “leave no trace” practices in nature. She is always fostering an appreciation and understanding of ecosystems and the interconnections of all living beings. Being a Certified Yoga Teacher, Co-active Coach and meditation practitioner allows her to bring the body, mind, and spirit aspect to your hike if desired.

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