Are You Mentally Tough Enough To Be Great?

Mentally Tough Enough to be great

“Mental Toughness Is When You Can Find Fuel In An Empty Tank.”

Daily Success Strategies Episode 292: Are You Mentally Tough Enough To Be Great?

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How can you reach your full potential?

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought, “I was meant for greater things?”

There is more in you. You’ve just got to be willing to go get it.

Your greatness is outside of your comfort zone.

You’ve got to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Every single morning, go through your Mindset Questions ( When you get to the question that asks you what you’re going to do to step out of your comfort zone that day, stretch further than you did the day before.

Every single time you step out of your comfort zone, your comfort zone expands.

When you’re proud of yourself because you pushed through to your limit, look deep. I guarantee you have more in you! How bad do you want it? Keep going. As I mention in the podcast, when I got to my eighth rep and wanted to stop, I pushed through and knocked out 10! Yes, I was proud and happy I had accomplished that, but at that moment I also realized I had more in me and kept going.

We are always looking for quick answers. Be patient. When it’s taking longer to reach your goal than you would like, don’t quit. Don’t throw in the towel. Remember why you are doing it in the first place (know your ‘why,’ go through the 7-Levels Deep exercise at

You were meant for greatness, but it’s not going to be handed to you. Go get it!

If you would like me to help you to figure out and implement success strategies into your life, email me at with the subject line “opportunity.” We’ll set up a free strategy call to get you started!

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