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Jeff Heggie and Hunter Reaume

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295: Million Dollar Opportunity with Hunter Reaume

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There will be times in our lives when you’re given the opportunity to see what all your hard work and preparation has done for you. But hard work and preparation don’t guarantee you anything.

What do you do when you’ve done everything right and when your opportunity comes, things don’t work out?

Hunter Reaume is a great athlete, but he’s much more than that. He’s an incredible person.

Hunter is a professional rodeo cowboy and he’s worked hard at perfecting his craft as a tie-down roper. His hard work and dedication finally paid off and gave him the opportunity to perform on the biggest stage of his life at AT&T Stadium in an elite rodeo called The American.

It was a long road to qualify to make it to the final performance and it came down to the best of the best. It started with over 250 cowboys, but on the final day it was down to four. If Hunter was the fastest time on this final day of the rodeo, he would win $1,100,000!

His preparation paid off! He made the fastest time of his life at 7.2 second. He was going to be a millionaire… Until the unimaginable happened and changed everything.

Listen to his story HERE and then you’ll know why I have such a deep respect for this man.

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