Unwavering Confidence

Jeff Heggie Steer Wrestling Calgary Stampede Rodeo

“Confidence is about taking chances, and never doubting the outcome...

You can’t win if you can’t gamble on yourself, and you can’t gamble if you don’t believe you can win…

Winning requires you to set unrealistic goals, and expect to achieve them.”

Tim S. Grover

Daily Success Strategies Episode 297: Unwavering Confidence

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“…the steer wrestling this year could have been very easily called “The Jeff Heggie Show.” Jeff finished his weekend as the Finals Champion as well as the Average Winner…”

When I think of times in my life when I had unwavering confidence in myself, this was one of them. At that time in my life, I didn’t understand confidence like I do today. I didn’t understand the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset.

All that I knew on this weekend was that nobody was going to beat me.

I remember my older brother apologizing that he couldn’t be there to support me because of other commitments. I told him that it was too bad, because I was going to win it all. I didn’t tell him this out of arrogance or wishful thinking. It was a matter of fact.

I won.

Two weeks later I was in Red Deer AB competing in the FCA rodeo finals. I remember wishing I could get that feeling of confidence back that I had two weeks earlier. But it wasn’t there.

I did well. I won some money. But I didn’t leave as the champion.

When I reflect on this now it’s a “I wish I knew then what I know now” kind of moment.

Back then, my brother had given me a sports psychology article on visualization, and I practiced that a lot. But I didn’t have an understanding of confidence like I do today. I didn’t understand what a fixed mindset was compared to a growth mindset. There was a lot I didn’t know that could have helped me to be a better athlete.

These are the same things that will help you in other areas of life outside of athletics as well.

In my Momentum Series I teach how you can build your confidence through the Momentum Cycle. Through the Momentum Cycle we can tap into our potential and take action. When we take the proper action, we produce results. The results we produce build our level of confidence, and then the cycle continues and grows. When we have more confidence, we tap into more of our potential, etc.  

That’s a very simplified, quick explanation of the Momentum Cycle. You can get more details in my free Momentum Series at https://jeffheggie.com/momentum/

Tony Robbins teaches that by getting the results in advance we can increase our level of confidence. This is where our competency comes into play. When we’ve put in the work and effort to master our skill, we know we’ve put in the work and have a belief in our ability.

This is what world champion, Tyson Durfey (219: No Limits Living with Tyson Durfey) talked about when he said he had a high level of confidence because he knew that nobody had put the work in that he had.

If you really want to win in life, you need to develop an unwavering confidence in yourself. You have to believe in yourself and your goals.

In W1NNING, Tim Grover says, “Very few people are able – or willing – to bet on themselves. They become the assistant manager of their own lives, waiting for directions and approval from some higher authority because they don’t feel confident enough to make decisions and take action on their own.”

Confidence is knowing, without a doubt, that you will win at whatever you are doing.

If you don’t win. It’s learning from what happened so you will win next time. It’s about believing in yourself and being willing to go all in.

The first thing you can do today, is make the decision to be confident.

Believe in yourself. Bet on yourself.

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Books Referenced:

Winning: The Unforgiving Race to Greatness – Tim Grover

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