Episode 063: The Jeff & Heidi Show Podcast with Sherry Winn

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In this episode of The Jeff & Heidi Show Podcast, we talk to Sherry Winn about her journey as an athlete in the Olympics, as a National Champion basketball coach, to an author and speaker.

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Coach Sherry Winn with Jeff Heggie and Heidi Anderson

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Sherry Winn

Sherry Winn Is a Two-Time Olympian, National Basketball Coach of The Year, and Amazon Three-Time Best Selling Author.

She is an in-demand internationally renowned speaker who frequently speaks for up to 14,000 people at a time including companies such as StubHub, AnyTime Fitness, New York Life, Edward Jones, and Technicolor.

With over 34 years of practicing leadership as a National Championship Basketball Coach and a Two-Time Olympian.

Sherry is an expert at coaching leaders and team members to championship status. She has successfully taken leaders beyond their levels of comfort to “WIN” against competitors who were superior in talent, facilities, and financial budgets. Through her WIN Philosophy ™ and WINNER Principles ™, she shares insider secrets on how to succeed even when the odds seem insurmountable so that your team feels, acts, and conquers their goals like Olympians.

You can find Sherry at www.TheWinningLeadershipCompany.com

Unleash the winner within you: sherry winn


Unleash The Winner Within You: A Success Game Plan for Business, Leadership and Life – by Sherry Winn

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