Will You Commit To Your Success?

Empty Grocery store shelves

“If you don’t want more for yourself, that’s fine, someone else will get that win.

Tim Grover

Daily Success Strategies Episode 300: Will You Commit To Your Success?

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I remember at the beginning of the pandemic when they started to make people wait in line to get into grocery stores, to finally get in and find the shelves empty.

I knew right then that there were going to be people who discovered, or created, amazing opportunities for themselves.

I talked about it a lot. I talk about it in my Momentum Series. If you are sitting back waiting for someone to give you the answers and tell you what to do, when things open back up, when opportunities present themselves, you’ll be in the back of the line getting the empty shelves.

I had no idea at that time that we would still be dealing with this 16 months later.

People have gone through some terrible things during that time. But there have been some winners as well. There have been some who figured out or created their opportunities and have been at the front of the line.

Good for them!

Some have been doing everything right but still haven’t figured it out or got their lucky break. To them I say, “keep going!”

But it’s hard. The voices…

Your family.

Your friends.

The voices in your head…

Tim Grover said:

“You can pay the price of Winning and succeed, or you can quit, stay where you are, and pay the price of regret.

Winning will use every dirty trick in the book – and make up new ones just to entertain itself – to keep you in hell. It’s too hard, it whispers… you’ll never get there… your parents don’t believe in you… your friends think you’re crazy… look at you, you’re already a failure. Which, by no coincidence, is exactly what you were already thinking. So you stay there, waiting. Waiting to feel different, waiting to be told what to do, waiting for an answer that never comes. And meanwhile, the flames are getting hotter and hotter, until you can’t take it. You have to take action, or you burn out. But instead of being propelled by the heat, you become frozen where you are.”

Don’t be frozen.

Don’t listen to the voices that are telling you that you can’t do it.

Start taking action now! Not tomorrow. What can you do right now?

You’ve got to rebuild. Rebuild stronger.

Nobody is coming to save you. Take responsibility for your own future and do something now.

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Books Referenced: Winning: The Unforgiving Race to Greatness – Tim Grover

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