Episode 064: The Jeff & Heidi Show Podcast with Olga Dewar

Olga Dewar Happiness by You

In this episode of The Jeff & Heidi Show Podcast, we talk to Olga Dewar about her incredible book, “Happiness by You”

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Olga Dewar

Olga Dewar calls Ottawa, Canada her home. She is originally from Moscow, Russia and has been living in Canada since 1995. She is one of the happiest people in the world, yes almost all of the time.

She is a lover of life; lover of nature and everything alive. She is a forager, if you cannot find her, she is most likely in the forest looking for mushrooms, berries or getting lost in the beauty of His Majesty the Forest and hugs of Mother Nature. She is a fitness and healthy lifestyle enthusiast. She is a practitioner of chemical free living and a spiritual being – OMMMMMMM. 

She loves new beginnings, creating and executing. IShe loves helping, learning, educating, and sharing. 

She loves people, even the grumpy ones – we all have bad days. 

Two of her strongest traits are patience and understanding. The first one made it to her wrist as a tattoo. It is a constant reminder how important patience is – especially for an Aries.

Over the years, she’s learned that happiness is our responsibility and only we can make ourselves happy. Our actions, our reactions, our decisions and solutions are the way to more happiness every day.


Happiness by You – by Olga Dewar

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