Building Confidence Through Self-Talk

Confidence Self Talk Mindset

“Make sure your own worst enemy is not living between your own two ears.”

Laird Hamilton

Daily Success Strategies Episode 308: Building Confidence Through Self-Talk

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As you work to build your confidence, begin with your self-talk.

Any time you are thinking about something, you’re talking to yourself, that’s your self-talk and it has a big impact on your life.

Your self-talk is a determining factor in your confidence. What you say to yourself influences what you think and how you feel. If your self-talk is positive, your thoughts and feelings will also be positive. It’s almost impossible to think and feel negatively, when you’re talking positively to yourself.

The most important thing that will allow you to influence your self-talk is recognizing it.

Most of our self-talk is in the form of asking and answering questions in our mind.

It’s not realistic to think you will always think positive. But if you are in the habit of recognizing your self-talk, you can change it when it gets negative.

Since most of our self-talk is asking and answering questions in our mind, as we become more aware of our own self-talk, we can change the habitual questions we ask ourself to influence our thoughts, feelings, and confidence

We literally become what we think about. Our lives follow the direction of our most dominating thoughts.

Therefore, the more you focus on positive, productive, and successful thoughts, the more confident you will be in your life.

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