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“The best way to become confident is to start acting confident!”

Jeff Heggie

Daily Success Strategies Episode 317: Walk the Walk

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In The Confident Athlete Program group coaching call last night, we talked about the relationship between body language and confidence.

Our body language plays a significant role in projecting how we feel about ourselves.

In all areas of our lives, we can tell a lot about a person’s self-confidence by their body language.

Compare someone speaking to a large audience that is confident versus someone that is terrified of public speaking.

When you’re watching a basketball game, a player’s body language says a lot about their confidence as they walk up to the free-throw line for a critical shot.

One way in which we can increase our confidence is to act the way we want to feel. If you want to be confident, act confident.

Just like with self-talk, the first step with taking control of our body language is to become aware of it. When we are aware of the body language we are using, we can do something to change it.

There are a few exercises you can do with body language to help improve your confidence level.

First, focus on your posture. The way someone holds themselves gives a clear picture of their confidence level. Focusing on good posture will not only make you look more confident, but it will also make you feel more confident.

Secondly, pay attention to the pace you move at. When you imagine a confident person, how do they walk? Do they walk slow and tired, or do they move with energy as if they have a purpose? Confident people move quicker (with good posture). As you go throughout your day, pay attention to how you walk and put the effort into walking with confidence.

As you walk and move with more confidence you will gain more confidence overall. Practice walking the walk daily until it becomes habit.

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