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In this episode of The Jeff & Heidi Show Podcast, we talk to Emilia Milovanovic about her journey as a tennis player up to her involvement with the Paris 2024 Olympics

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Tanya Wilson

Tanya Wilson

Tanya is an expert in helping women who work in the home service/skilled trades industry (Avatar: Betty) be part of a community of women who work through the same kinds of problems that they do! They want to be at soccer and still be able to book jobs and do an amazing job at both. Betty needs help creating a Facebook ad and learning what tax benefits can do for her personally when implemented properly in her business. Betty wants to get organized but can’t find the time. She wants processes but lacks information on how to create them. Our ultimate membership will give her guidance to experts in all areas of home service trade and allow her to educate herself on how to do these things in her business without the overhead of a COO.  Betty wants to network with other women who work in the service industry to bounce ideas off of and in turn, provide feedback or suggestions.

If you really want to be kickin ass at home and at work! They want to learn skills they can apply to work and home life.    Betty needs encouragement and inspiration on staying positive, setting goals, loving her hubby and her babies. , help in growing and marketing their business, learning business development skills where they can grow an efficient team and boost profits, and know it’s ok to work like a boss and still be able to enjoy a family life (kiddos, hubby and hobbies of their own. Mom guilt is Real and we will help each other get through it with daily inspiration, ways to treat yourself, fun things to make your supermama and more! then I / we can definitely help you.

I / We are specialists in guiding, inspiring, coaching, encouraging and providing support for women who are busy raising a family and a home service/skilled trades business and my / our accomplishments include:


  • I have a Bachelors degree in Business Administration, I have failed forward in the service industry for over 15 years, self-taught web designer, badass mama bear who raised two babies and two businesses at the same time!

Work History:

  • I was born and raised in the home service/skilled industry trade. My father and uncles were all contractors so it’s in the blood, but I’m the only woman in the family that has continued in those footsteps. I have worked in the home service/skilled trades industry for over 15 years. I also spent 5 years as a graphic designer/promotional coordinator for Anheuser-Busch and was a marketing and foundation director for an underserved health care center in rural Wyoming. I have mentored over a dozen service companies through many stages: from an idea to fruition, many of which are still operating today.

Other Info:

  • She’s been there and done the things that bring success! She knows what can work and what certainly wont. She knows how to motivate people and be relatable to them because She’s been at the top, lost it all and built it back better! Tanya has been featured in Keap’s “Quiet the Doubters” marketing campaign about small business owners. Plus she’s been featured in Phoenix Entrepreneurs Magazine.
  • She went from losing her 7-figure business to rebuilding her own in 5 years – all while being a single mother to two small kiddos.  She works in this industry she is coaching on a daily basis and knows your struggles and ways to win. She runs consistent 5-star customer service businesses and wants to share her knowledge with those who are in a very underserved area of the marketplace: women in skilled-trades positions/companies.
  • Tanya grew up a small town country girl in a town of 118 people in Wyoming where skilled service was the workforce. She speaks and understand the blue-collar industry. These hard-working people are her people!  She paid her way through college and was the first in her family to graduate with a degree and decided there was no way she was going the corporate road. Stuffy cubicles weren’t for her and she wanted to pave her own road.  By age 30 she had a 7-figure septic service business and a staff of 15. By 34, she was on the verge of bankruptcy as her partner ex-husband imploded their business, ran away and they lost everything. There she stood with a 1 year old and a 5 year old, no job, no partner to raise my kids with and she was alone. But she is stubborn! At 36, Tanya started two new service businesses with a few partners – junk removal and a new septic system company. Today at 38, she’s the only 100% woman-owned septic company in the Phoenix area. They (Tanya and her business partner, Angie) are also the only woman-owned junk removal company in the area. She’s been high and she’s been low. She’s been in your shoes, no matter if they are stilettos or steel-toes! Tanya wants to share her knowledge to help others avoid the stupid moves, crawl out of bad mistakes, or encourage them as they are already killin it.

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