Use High Pressure to Create Success

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“Unsuccessful people make decisions based on current circumstances while successful people make decisions based on where they desire to be.”

Benjamin Hardy

Daily Success Strategies Episode 320: Use High Pressure to Create Success

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Have you ever been amazed what can be accomplished in a short amount of time when you have a deadline approaching? If you’re serious about achieving your goals, you have the ability to create the environment that will force you to produce results.

I recently read a story about John Burke. In 2017 he was nominated for a Grammy for Best New Age Album.

The intriguing part of his story is around a particular song on his album called “Earth Breaker.”

When John composed the music for “Earth Breaker,” he couldn’t actually play it. The song was too difficult for him. But that is exactly what he had planned for. He composed a song that was beyond his skill level and then played it over and over again until he could do it.

John is best under pressure. He purposefully creates environments that force him to be at his best and most productive day after day. When he decides he’s going to create a new album, he immediately decides when it will be completed and released.

As I teach with setting goals, once you have your goals set, you need to work backward to create your plans and timelines. Once John decides on a release date, he works backward to map out the key dates and milestones. He books the studio for the day he will record the album, and then he organizes his personal schedule to ensure he’s booked in his “creation time” over the next several months.

Next, he commits to his goals publicly. He goes to social media and shares with his fan’s information about his upcoming album. He tells his close family and friends about his goals.

He creates the conditions and environment that will force him to succeed.

His goals and success are predictable, because he’s designed the plan and the environment that will make it happen.

I have previously talked about being 100% committed to your goals. Are you committed at the same level as John Burke? Will you create the environment that will force you to succeed?

How can you create the environment that will increase the pressure in your life?

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