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“In 1999, seven million girls in the US were playing soccer. the chance of making this US Olympic soccer team was 0.00031%. Sam and Kristie Mewis both did it.”

Rachel Bachman

Daily Success Strategies Episode 330: Aim For The Top 3%

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According to the Georgia Career Information Center, 98 out of 100 high school athletes never play athletics at any collegiate level, and less than 1% receive a scholarship to a Division 1 University.

Only about 3% of all male and female high school basketball players play collegiate basketball at any level, and of those players, less than 1% have the opportunity to play professionally.

Beyond athletics, if you want to rise to the top in anything you are doing, there’s a great lesson to be learned here.

Sherry Winn was one of the few collegiate athletes to become an Olympian.

How did she do it?

She said, “I had to aim to be not just one of the best, but THE BEST.”

She trained twice a day for 12 years

She drove to school at 6:45am to practice before school got started.

In the afternoon she trained with her team and then for an additional hour on her own.

On the weekend she practiced alone for hours

When she was selected for the USA Team Handball National Team, she trained twice a day, all year round

She said, “I took the action most people were not willing to take.”

“If you want to be a WINNER, you have to think big. You have to believe you can separate yourself from the 97% of people who try to make it big, not just 97% of all people, but the 97% who are willing to try.”

To be one of the elite, to be in the top 3%, you act, think, and aim differently.

You have to be willing to separate yourself every single day from those who want to be in the top 3%.

“Most people want something better. But as soon as they learn what it takes to be in the top 3%, they stop trying. You must be willing to believe that you are one of the elite and then take the action to get you there.”

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