Pay Attention to the Small Things

Katie Ledecky Team USA Gold Medal 1500m freestyle

Katie Ledecky Wins Gold!

“I don’t really compare myself to others. For me, it’s about not being afraid to set scary goals – goals that most people never even dream of – and then going out and chasing them.”

Katie Ledecky

Daily Success Strategies Episode 336: Pay Attention to the Small Things

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I have been watching Katie Ledecky all week as everything built up to her premier event, which is finally an Olympic event for the women, the 1500-meter freestyle.

This is a long race of endurance and stamina. Ledecky was by far the favorite to win the gold in this event.

Ledecky broke the World Record in this event in June 2014. Since then, she has broken her own World Record four more times!

On Tuesday, as expected, she took a commanding lead and maintained it throughout the entire 1500m. She swam strong and nobody was surprised that she won the Gold Medal in this event. Ledecky was ecstatic that her teammate, Erica Sullivan, won silver.

What I find interesting is that her dominant performance was only a little over 4-seconds faster than second place. Ledecky finished in 15:37.34, while Sullivan finished in 15:41.41. As she powered through the water for over 15 minutes, one small mistake could have changed everything.

What is it that we can learn from this?

Earlier in the week I listened to an interview with Ledecky where she said, “you can look at all the stats, but when I have confidence that’s all that matters.” When she was asked what was different since the last Olympics she said, “I’m five years older and have five years more experience.”

Michael Phelps said, “she wears the crown and target. She has to do what she knows what to do.”

If you want to be the best at anything that you do, pay attention to the small things!

Ledecky has trained hard for years and years. To get to the level she is at she has had to focus on every area of her life from the physical training, mental training, nutrition, and so much more.

But when the difference between the best in the world and second place is only four seconds over a 1500m swim, the small things make a difference.

You may not be an Olympic athlete, but it’s no different for you. The small, seemingly insignificant success habits that you do day in, day out can be what really separates you from your competition.

These are the things that are easy to do, but they are also easy not to do.

Write out your goals every day. Easy to do, easy not to do.

Go through your Mindset Questions every day. Easy to do, easy not to do.

Look in the mirror. Are you doing the things every day that are getting you closer to your bigger goals? Or did you write out your goals every morning for a week but quit because nothing had happened yet?

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