Is It More Important to Win or Not Lose?

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“Happiness does not come from doing easy work but from the afterglow of satisfaction that comes after the achievement of a difficult task that demanded our best.”

Theodore Isaac Rubin

Daily Success Strategies Episode 342: Is It More Important To Win Or Not Lose?

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Is it more important for you TO WIN? Or NOT LOSE?

As I continue to talk about mindsets, today I want to talk about Promotion Mindsets and Prevention Mindsets

As we seek our success in life, we want to have more of a Promotion Mindset

How would you approach this? This is an example I use in The High Achievers Mindset Secrets Program.

Put yourself in this situation – Basketball Player

  • Fouled on a three-point shot at the final buzzer
  • They were down 3
  • She got 3 shots to potentially tie the game and send it to overtime

If this is you, are you more focused on making those shots to WIN the game, or not to LOSE?

If you’ve got a Promotional Mindset you’re focused on the WIN

If you’ve got a Prevention Mindset, you’re focused on NOT LOSING

A study done in World Cup Soccer showed that in a kickoff situation, the players that approached the situation with a Promotional Mindset had a 30% better average of scoring.

Those with a Prevention Mindset are focused on reducing risk, being comfortable and not losing. – They’re Comfort Focused

Those with a Promotion Mindset are more focused on specific result or destination. – They’re Purpose Focused

Ryan Gottfredson said, “When we do not proactively select a clear purpose or destination for ourselves, our default purpose becomes an approach toward life primarily focused on avoiding problems and enhancing comfort – a recipe for mediocrity.”

Here are a few examples that will help you identify your mindset:

  • Are you the passenger (prevention) or the driver (promotion) of your life?
  • Do you prioritize what is on your schedule (prevention), or do you schedule your priorities (promotion)?
  • Are you a product of your environment (prevention) or the creation of your own proactive design (promotion)?
  • Do you seek to do what is easy and comfortable (prevention), or do you seek to fulfill a purpose (promotion)?

Evidence shows that when an individual does not have a strong or clear purpose or destination, they generally become comfort focused, which leads to doing what is EASIEST, NOT BEST.

Gottfredson said, “When we do not have a clear purpose, goal, or destination, we develop a prevention mindset and focus on not failing, avoiding problems and risk, seeking comfort, and playing it safe. But when our goals and purpose are clear and activated, we adopt a promotion mindset aimed at succeeding, anticipating problems, taking risks, seeking gains, and making progress, even if uncomfortable.”

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By the way – She made all three shots, we went into overtime and WON the game!

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