Take The Quit Option Off The Table

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“You will win if you don’t quit”

Les Brown

Daily Success Strategies Episode 378 What If You Knew You Were Only a Month Away From Success?

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“Failure and Quitting Don’t Go Hand In Hand

Todd Stottlemyre

In his book, Relentless Success: 9-Point System for Major League Achievement, Todd Stottlemyre shares his personal story of “Taking the Quit Option Off The Table.”

In the 1987 off-season he put in a lot of extra work and effort in his attempt to live his dream to become a major league pitcher.

When spring training rolled around, it paid off and he was picked up by the Toronto Blue Jays.

But by August he was sent back down to the teams AAA team.

Todd dominated in AAA and was brought back up to the Blue Jays in September of 1988. He finally thought he was set, he was now a major league pitcher!

But at the end of the season, he was ready for some time to rest and recuperate, but the teams General Manager informed him that he would need to spend the winter of 1988 playing in Venezuela to learn how to throw a slider, or he wouldn’t make the major league club in 1989.

So for the second year in a row, he gave up his time off to work on his game and become a better pitcher.

In 1989 he was on the Blue Jays roster. He was feeling good, confident in himself, and living his dream.

But in May of 1989 he was pushed back down to the minor leagues again.

He was mad! He felt it was unjustified and he was major league quality.

For the first time in his life he questioned if he’d be able to live out his dream of being a major league pitcher. He considered quitting all together.

But he made the decision to go to the minors and become the best pitcher he could possibly be. He refused to quit.

One month later he was called back up to the Blue Jays!

He started 12 games that season. He pitched in game 2 of the playoffs against the Oakland Athletics. He became the youngest starter in a playoff game in the Blue Jays history. This was the start of his 15-year major league career which brought him 3 World Championships!

What if he would have quit?

What if he would have quit when he was only one month away?

What if you knew your success was only one month away? Give it everything you’ve got! Work harder than you’ve ever worked before. And in a month, if it doesn’t work out, well, you’re one month closer.

Take Quitting Off The Table!

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