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More Fit 4 The Kingdom with Skye Fagrell and Jeff Heggie

“Gain the spiritual strength the Savior emphasized by following the training program He utilized!”

Skye Fagrell

Daily Success Strategies Episode 380: More Fit 4 The Kingdom with Skye Fagrell

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Skye Fagrell

Book: More Fit 4 The Kingdom

Skye Fagrell is married to the former Ms. Jacquelyn Sargent. They met while studying at Brigham Young University. They love each other, their family, physical fitness, and vacations that involve the ocean! Together they have four amazing children; Alexa, Makenna, Gunner, and Jayda.

Skye earned a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts and a Minor in Coaching and Teaching Physical Education from Brigham Young University.  He earned a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona University. While he has advertised his willingness to exchange both degrees for a single Major League Baseball contract (preferably with the Oakland A’s), he’s yet to receive any takers. He still holds our hope.

Skye has worked as a professional educator and administrator for nearly 20 years, teaching seminary and institute for the Church Educational System. He’s also been an online professor for BYU-Idaho. He has held many coaching and leadership positions in his community and Church. He is the CEO of More Fit 4 Life, where he provides life and leadership consulting and training for individuals and organizations.

The course of life we’re all on is like a treadmill, possessing not only the ability to increase in speed, but in incline, as well. All signs indicate that both these variables will continue to intensify. Consequently, for years Church leaders have been urging us to increase our spiritual strength, both as individuals and families, so that we can remain both safely and securely on it. How can we stay on our feet during these “perilous battles” and not get thrown off course? How can we keep our guard up and avoid the pitfalls along the way? The answer is clear:Gain the spiritual strength the Savior emphasized by following the training program He utilized!That’s the purpose of this book – to help individuals and families strategize by learning to identify, follow, and adapt His program in powerful and practical ways. By so doing, they will increase their spiritual strength and as the title of this book and the hymn More Holiness Give Me declares, become “More Fit for the Kingdom!”

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