Creating High Performance Athletes

Stasia River from AQ Athletics on The Jeff Heggie Show podcast

“Be confident in yourself and believe that you’re a winner. Your self-confidence will make you unstoppable.”

Stasia Rivera | AQ Athletics

Stasia Rivera is the founder of AQ Athletics. 

She is a former D1 Athlete that works with high level high school, college and pro-level athletes on increasing their winning percentage in life and sport. 

She has coached at all levels for 20+ years, club to college. 

Stasia went on to study the neuroscience behind behavior and addiction for 10+ years as a trauma and family systems therapist. 

These two worlds blended when her former coach and mentor reached out to her for advice on how to connect with his current generation of athletes and since then Stasia has gone on to support 1000’s of athletes in their pursuit of acquiring the internal skills they need to crush it at game time and in their life outside of the competition arena. 

The main focus of AQ Athletics and the signature performance system, called AQU, is to help athletes to better understand the WHY behind what they are doing and how to build the motivation, confidence and consistency that extends careers, earns scholarships and helps athletes enjoy their competition experience. 

Please join us on social @AQAthleticsOfficial and watch for our site that is launching to the public soon at

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