Bart Miller | Billion Dollar Cowboy

Bart Miller Billion Dollar Cowboy on The Jeff Heggie Show

“Every time I am stuck Bart adds value. Every time I don’t know which direction to go he gives me clarity. Every time I hit a wall he would …speak life, speak the right words, and just give me a second wind…”

Tyson Durfey

Bart Miller | Billion Dollar Cowboy

When it comes to business, Bart has done it all. He started working in the corporate world with international businesses only to discover he loves being a full-time entrepreneur and online business owner. In fact, Bart has been in the online business and digital marketing space for the past 15 years. He built several of his own, 7-figure online businesses from $0 with his wife, Sunny, and helps others do the same, year after year.

He gets “old school” selling and marketing and is able to combine it with digital to create strategies you never see coming that will explode your business into the level of success you choose.


The Jeff Heggie Show: Bart Miller | Billion Dollar Cowboy

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