The Confident Athlete Program: Building Peak Performers

The Confident Athlete Program : Mindset Coaching - Jeff Heggie Success Coach

“Be Confident In Yourself and Believe That You’re a Winner. Your Self-Confidence Will Make You Unstoppable.”

The Confident Athlete Program focuses on helping athletes develop their mental game to become peak performers and leaders in all aspects of their sport. Athletes put so much time and effort into their physical game, but they often neglect the mental side of things. This program helps our athletes build confidence and take them to the next level.

All athletes have big dreams and goals, but many times they just are not living up to their full potential. By helping our athletes create a powerful mindset and improve their confidence, they are more able to perform at their best.

We begin by helping each athlete develop a solid plan with clearly defined goals. Once they have established their goals, the next step is vital. We help them to really understand their purpose, or ‘why’ for each of those goals. This is a key step for any athlete, as it helps to create laser focus and motivation.

Athletes who participate in our program learn how to set attainable goals and put a plan into action.

From here we move on to helping our athletes build the habits that will support their success. Athletes need to be able to trust themselves and their abilities in order to perform at their best. This is where our confidence-building exercises come into play

Throughout The Confident Athlete Program we focus on many different strategies. Four specific areas of focus are self-talk, body language, visualization, and preparation.



Take Action.

Have Confidence.

Be Disciplined.

Never Give Up.

Powerful Self-Talk

A major component of increasing an athletes confidence comes with developing powerful self-talk. Athletes need to be able to talk positively and constructively to themselves in order to reach their goals and perform their best. When they start putting doubts in their mind, we teach them how to interrupt their negative self-talk and replace it with powerful, constructive self-talk that will help them continue believing in themselves.

Walk the Walk

We also show our athletes the importance of their body language and its relationship to their confidence. My friend, Tami Matheny, uses the term, “walk the walk.” Athletes learn how to use their body language to project an image of strength and power. This type of body language will help athletes feel more confident in themselves when they are competing, regardless of their circumstances.

Body language is an essential part of confidence and plays a major role in how we feel about ourselves. Successful athletes carry themselves in a certain way; they move and walk with confidence. In our program we show our athletes how to create habits with strong body language.

See It To Be It

The proper use of visualization is the next tool we help them to master. We teach them to “see it, to be it.” Athletes learn how to visualize themselves doing the specific task that they want to accomplish. Athletes who have a clear vision of what they want will be more likely to achieve it because their mind is firmly set in place, and reinforces positive thoughts when necessary. We show them how, what, and when to use visualization to be most effective.

Confidence is Being Prepared

Preparation is the true foundation of confidence. Athletes who are prepared for any situation will have greater confidence than those who are not. When athletes know that they have put in the work and effort to prepare themselves, they have a higher level of self-confidence. In my podcast with World Champion Tie-Down Roper, Tyson Durfey, he said that he felt like he deserved to win because he knew he had put in more work than any of his competition.

We focus on helping our athletes create a winning mindset through positive self-talk, body language, visualization, and preparation. When they enter into any competition, they know that they have done everything possible to give themselves the best chance of success.

Athletes who are confident in their abilities have a greater chance of winning. Athletes with a great mental game will dominate on the playing field, court, track or rink!


Creating A Winning Mindset With Athletes: In The Confident Athlete Program we teach our athletes how to build confidence by creating an unstoppable mindset that is built upon confidence and belief in themselves.

Overall, the Confident Athlete Program is designed to help athletes reach their highest potential both mentally and physically. We give them the tools to help them become the athletes they dream of becoming.

Another important aspect of this program is that we teach them the success habits that will help them in their sport, but these are also the same success habits that they can continue to implement throughout their lives to be successful far beyond their sport. We want them to be great athletes and great people.

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