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In life you will encounter many obstacles. How you deal with these challenges will define your character.

Dennis Mellen

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Dennis Mellen | Takes More Than Heart

Dennis Mellen, a USAF Academy graduate (1975), is a retired Air Force pilot after serving as a lieutenant colonel and chief pilot for 20 years until his retirement from the Air Force Reserves in 1996. At the time, he simultaneously worked as an instructor pilot and fleet captain at Alaska Airlines where he was the head of training over 550 pilots and 40 instructors. He was also part of the instructor cadre instrumental in establishing the Alaska Airlines route structure in eastern Russia from the destinations: Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Magadan, and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy. And as a veteran, he participated in the Desert One preparation, he was deployed to Sudan (in 1986) to counter Libyan incursions in Chad, and participated in Desert Shield/Storm. After retiring in 2012 from his 28-year flying career due to a heart attack, Dennis continued searching for a new purpose and new opportunities. He worked in aviation management at two air carriers heading up their training and standardization departments. He also worked as a training consultant and

certified International Air Transport Association Operation Safety auditor before becoming a high school baseball coach, speaker, and author. His goal with his first book is to provide motivation, education, and humor to inspire those who face serious challenges in their lives. Dennis and his wife, Heidi of 37 years, live in the Chicago suburbs, and they have four sons and just welcomed their first grandchild as of August 2020—they look forward to helping raise their granddaughter, as well as welcoming more grandchildren.



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Takes More Than Heart: Changing the Journey’s Challenges into Opportunities

In life, you will encounter many obstacles, if you have not already. How you deal with these challenges will define your character. All about a driven heart and pure grit, Takes More Than Heart: Change the Journey’s Challenges into Opportunities is for anyone—from athletes to business people— who has suffered a life-changing event and desires to transform their challenges into opportunities. It instructs how to live your life fully while understanding that events may come at you, but you influence the outcomes through your reactions—as in “fall down seven times, get up eight.”

The key themes include:

• What’s Important Next (W.I.N.).

• The Navy SEAL acronym: D.W.I., as in Deal With It.

• Take care of the next two hundred feet on the journey to reaching your goal.

Part self-help book, part memoir, this book will touch anyone who has experienced a business setback, career/life-changing event, such as an athlete with a season-ending or career-ending injury, and inspire them to recover from their challenging event. This book will inspire readers to sustain their grit and persevere in order to make a difference and lead a purposeful life.

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