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REPRINT: From Shane Hellman of the California Daily Review

I’m grateful for the opportunity to be featured in this article in the California Daily Review by Shane Hellman talking about my podcasts and peak performance coaching.

The advantages of business counseling cannot be emphasized, whether you are running a tiny, local firm or attempting to develop a global corporation.

Running a company may sometimes feel like a solo endeavor. So if you are looking for an experienced mentor whom you can trust as one of the most significant resources accessible to you, as it is with most things in life, then this is where Jeff Heggie enters your life. 

Jeff Heggie is a highly experienced entrepreneur and athlete who had his fair share on the bumpy road of success. Using Jeff’s experience throughout his life by running numerous entrepreneurial projects and playing many sports, particularly Rodeo, he started mentoring and coaching programs for entrepreneurs, high-achievers and athletes

The pandemic has accelerated the need for this type of coaching with everything entrepreneurs, and other high-achievers had to go through. This generation already is faced with things that no other generation had to deal with, bringing in higher levels of anxiety and depression in the pursuit of your dreams. Jeff helps people, athletes, business owners, and entrepreneurs to develop the mental side of their personality to improve their confidence and teaches them how to deal with anxiety. 

Jeff has three podcasts where he shares insightful information for entrepreneurs. ‘The Jeff & Heidi Show’ where he interviews entrepreneurs. The emerging talents appear on his podcast, sharing the ups and downs of their life and journey towards their success. Currently, at episode 75, the podcast inspired thousands of people to dream big and strive for their goals. 

The second one is ‘Jeff Heggie Daily Success Strategies.’ In this podcast, Jeff highlights peak performance, mindset, and personal development. Coaching has two parts; developing the technical skillset and a winner’s mindset. This podcast offers you more than 400 episodes of sheer learning and motivation and provides you with all the pro tips you need to shift your mindset and perspective towards your goals. 

Last but not least, the third podcast is a weekly show called ‘The Jeff Heggie Show.’ This podcast interviews high achievers with a focus on mindset and peak performance. The stories winners share on this show become an inspiration to many who are still struggling to find their way amid the highs and lows of their journey. 

Jeff talks about failure with people because he believes that failure is a part of entrepreneurship. Unlike the perfectionists’ approach that ‘failure is not an option,’ Jeff mentors people that failure is a reality, and failure is an option as an entrepreneur.

As Jeff continues to coach in different niches, he wants to show everyone how to perform at their peak all of the time. He aims to help them achieve their biggest dreams and show them they can do more than they ever thought.

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