Pennsylvania Daily Post: Here’s How Understanding His Clients Became Key to Jeff Heggie’s Success as an Athletic and Business Coach

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REPRINT: From Louis Thomas of the Pennsylvania Daily Post

I’m grateful for the opportunity to be featured in this article in the Pennsylvania Daily Post by Louis Thomas talking about my coaching programs for entrepreneurs, athletes, and other high achievers.

Only your clients can help you obtain more leads and more business, so get to know them better!!

The advantages of business counseling cannot be emphasized, whether you are r

Understanding a customer’s mind, on the other hand, is complex and frequently necessitates a careful examination to uncover their preferences or purchasing habits so that you can anticipate their wants and surpass their expectations.

Jeff Heggie—a successful business and athletic coach—knows well that understanding his clients is essential for providing excellent service, which leads to strong customer relationships and additional sales via good word-of-mouth referrals. 

“To be successful and reach their full potential, everyone needs a mentor or coach.” Jeff Heggie feels this not because it is his bread and butter, but because as an entrepreneur and athlete for more than 20 years, he understands when, where, and why a mentor is needed.

Growing up in Southern Alberta, Jeff never allowed his creative and business side to die, despite his interesting relationship with sports. Even though he worked in the banking industry after college and was a valued employee, working 9 to 5 wasn’t Jeff’s forte.

Jeff’s inner entrepreneur prompted him to quit his job and create his manufacturing firm, which he eventually lost due to COVID-19’s economic impact.

Jeff has always been active in athletics, in addition to possessing a risk-taking and entrepreneurial mentality. He was a professional rodeo cowboy for many years (steer wrestling). He also won the Canadian Intercollegiate Championship three times. Jeff’s passion for sports prompted him to become a coach.

Over the last 20 years, Jeff has had the chance to train and mentor various people in various business circumstances. He has been more serious about his coaching company in the previous five years and has obtained further training and certifications. He has made his coaching and mentoring business a full-time endeavor. His coaching services are divided into two categories: entrepreneurial and sports coaching (The Confident Athlete Program).

Through his online training programs, mastermind groups, and one-on-one coaching, Jeff helps high-achievers and entrepreneurs establish a strong mentality and accomplish their maximum potential in their career and personal life. Jeff is the greatest choice for you because of his business coach and peak performance coach training. He helps entrepreneurs avoid costly mistakes and failures by guiding them down a clear road to success.

Jeff’s teaching and the mentoring company also include being an athletic coach. Jeff’s “The Confident Athlete Program” teaches players how to enhance their mental game, gain confidence, and deal with setbacks.

“Whether it’s for business, a game, or anything else in your life, the appropriate coaching can give you a clear perspective and a focused approach,” Jeff shares. 

Each phase of Jeff’s career as an athlete and business taught him the value of having a good life coach. Therefore, Jeff made this his mission to share his experience through a better understanding of the clients.

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