The Chicago Weekly: Jeff Heggie Changes the Narrative of the Coaching Industry through His Unique Coaching Programs

Jeff Heggie Changes the Narrative of the Coaching Industry through His Unique Coaching Programs

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I’m grateful for the opportunity to be featured in this article in The Chicago Weekly talking about my entrepreneur, high achiever, and athletic coaching programs.

Jeff Heggie is a business coach and sports mentor who is recognized for his one-of-a-kind mentorship programs for entrepreneurs, high performers, and athletes. Jeff believes that coaching helps people practically determine their work goals. They can set these goals with the assistance of a coach and then work toward them actively. It will be more probable that the plans will be reached as a result of this.

Goals are usually centered on two aspects of a person’s work life, according to Jeff. The first is the development of skill sets, and the second is an individual’s professional behavior. Jeff assures personality development and a concentrated attitude through his training programs, which clears your path to chase your dreams. 

Jeff Heggie’s experience demonstrates that coaching is not a natural skill or something you are born with. Your life experiences and journey have placed you in a position to learn from them and assist others from making the same mistakes.

Jeff is an entrepreneur who now works as a business consultant. But even before starting his entrepreneurial career officially, Jeff was a bank manager and today is still licensed as a Mortgage Loan Officer in Arizona. He soon realized that even though this job is excellent for making connections and learning new things, he is at his best when not indulged in a 9-5 routine. This was when Jeff started his entrepreneurial journey that went on for more than 20 years and many more to come. 

Jeff grew up on a farm in a small town in southern Alberta. He landed with Rodeo, won three Canadian Intercollegiate Championships, and competed in rodeo professionally for several years. His life was transformed by learning fantastic values from amazing parents and spending the entire childhood delighting in numerous sports.

Jeff’s coaching encompasses both athletic and non-athletic aspects. He believes that players invest a lot of time and concentrate on the physical part of their sport, but most are unaware of the importance of the mental game.

Jeff works with the athletes to help them develop mental toughness, so they can be the best they can be and stand out from the competition. He understands the importance of the mental part of the game as a professional rodeo cowboy and enjoys assisting athletes in discovering this weapon.

Coaching, Jeff says, is all about boosting people’s spirits and motivating them to attain their objectives. Sports aren’t the only ones with motivational challenges. Business owners, employees, and high achievers also need some push, at times, in order to deliver effective results.

Jeff effectively coaches high-achievers and entrepreneurs, contrary to the widespread perception that coaching is primarily concerned with sports. The Arizona-based coach uses all of his skills and experience to help his customers achieve their objectives faster and more efficiently by learning what to do and what not to do through his coaching programs.

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