The Tribune Post: Athletic and Business Coach Jeff Heggie Opens up on His Journey from a Bank Employee to an Entrepreneur

Athletic and Business Coach Jeff Heggie Opens up on His Journey from a Bank Employee to an Entrepreneur

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I’m grateful for the opportunity to be featured in this article in The Tribune Post discussing my coaching programs with entrepreneurs and high achievers, and The Confident Athlete Program.

Jeff Heggie is a seasoned entrepreneur and athlete who has had his fair share of ups and downs on the way to success. Jeff began mentoring and coaching programs for high-achievers and athletes using his knowledge from operating multiple business initiatives and participating in various sports, including rodeo.

Despite his unusual affinity with athletics, Jeff never allowed his creative and entrepreneurial side to die as he grew up in Southern Alberta. Today, Jeff is an entrepreneur who now works as a business consultant. But even before starting his entrepreneurial career officially, Jeff was a bank manager (he is still a licensed mortgage loan officer in Arizona). 

After graduating from college with a major in entrepreneurship, Jeff had a great job offer from a bank, but he turned the job down because he always wanted to focus more on his Rodeo career. However, a few months later, he changed his mind and decided to explore the opportunity.

Jeff loved the banking industry but still had the desire to run his own business. His entrepreneurial spirit wasn’t content working in a 9-5 cycle. He was already dealing in some real estate ventures, and in 2005, Jeff officially left the bank to start his own manufacturing company.

Jeff considers his banking experience one of the best lessons for him. As a bank manager, he had the opportunity to work directly with some great entrepreneurs. 

One day, sitting in one of their offices, Jeff saw a catalog on his desk for manufactured stone. He was intrigued, and soon after, he partnered with the same builder who once was his client. 

Jeff quit the bank and started a manufacturing company, Kodiak Mountain Stone, which produced artificial stone veneer. Their first factory was in Cardston, Alberta, and in 2006 they opened their second factory in Springville, Utah. Over the years, they pivoted this company many times, but eventually, in January 2021, during the pandemic, they shut it down.

Jeff has had the opportunity to train and mentor various people in a variety of business situations during the previous 20 years. So he started to utilize his experience and became a business and athletic coach. 

He has taken his coaching business more seriously in the last five years and gained further training and certifications. His coaching and mentoring business is now his full-time job. His coaching services are split into two categories: business and sports coaching.

Through his online training programs, mastermind groups, and one-on-one coaching, Jeff helps high-achievers and entrepreneurs create a strong attitude and realize their utmost potential in their work and personal life. By directing entrepreneurs down a clear path to success, he helps them avoid costly mistakes and disappointments.

Jeff also works as an athletic coach in addition to teaching and mentoring. “The Confident Athlete Program,” created by Jeff, teaches athletes how to improve their mental game, develop confidence, and deal with disappointments.

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