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Some days, our focus is stretched thin. Different sources of stimulation regularly wear on our attention. With more and more people working from home now, that can obviously exacerbate this issue.

Many of the people that I work with have had to put a lot of extra time, work, and effort into their schedule and routine habits because they’ve struggled to stay focused on the most important things.

Because of this, I recently partnered with because they recognize that our attention span is a precious resource that needs to be protected and has designed their functional music accordingly.

Not only do they have patented technology that induces our neurons to switch to “focus mode” (a process calls “neural phase locking”), but they have built-in features to keep us in that productive sweet spot. They have a 3D audio component that creates the illusion the music is coming from the space in front of us, thus directing our attention to whatever we’re working on. They also exclusively produce tracks free of gaps, breaks, sharp changes, and any other bells or whistles you’d find with other music.

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Read more in this Inc. article: How to Make the Perfect Playlist to Boost Brain Power, According to Neuroscience.

Patented Technology holds patents on key processes for creating functional music, including technology to elicit strong neural phase locking—allowing populations of neurons to engage in various kinds of coordinated activity—and technology to remove distraction in sound.

This makes our music unique, purpose-built to steer you into a desired mental state. In other words, we’ve found new ways to create music that helps you do what you need to do.

Tested on Brain and Behavior

Scientists at work with collaborators at academic institutions to run experiments.

We look at the effects of our technology on the brain, using fMRI and EEG, and also run large-scale behavioral tests, measuring performance on simple games.

Our experiments always include a control condition (‘placebo’) of the same underlying music without technology applied, so we can be sure our tech is what makes the difference.

World’s most advanced
background music’s focus music is made to help you work better, by blending into the background so you can focus distraction-free… all while stimulating the brain with gentle rhythmic pulses in the music that support sustained attention.

Other music is made to grab your attention, making it hard to think and work, even if you don’t realize it.’s functional music is designed from the bottom up to affect your brain and optimize your performance.

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