Resources for Developing a Promotion Mindset

Thank you to Ryan Gottfredson for these resources

Success Mindsets




Writing Exercises

  • The Five-Minute Journal
  • Write two paragraphs about your goals and aspirations
  • Answer: What is your purpose? What is your destination?
  • Identify a time when you took a purpose-driven risk. What were the benefits of doing so?
  • Identify a time when you “played it safe” as opposed to taking a purpose-driven risk. Why did you choose to “play it safe?”
  • Identify one of your idols:
    • ▷  What decisions did they have to make that seemed “crazy” at some point?
    • ▷  What purpose-driven risk did they have to take?
    • ▷  What would have happened if they hadn’t taken that risk?
    • ▷  What happened because they took that risk?
  • Answer: What does your ideal future look like, smell like, taste like, sound like, feel like?


  • Try to describe to someone the difference between a prevention and a promotion mindset
  • Try to describe why having a promotion mindset is so beneficial and why having a prevention mindset can be so detrimental.
  • With a partner or group, ask and answer:
    • ▷  When was an instance where you or your team had a prevention mindset and how it affected you personally and the broader group?
    • ▷  When was an instance where you or your team had a promotion mindset and how it affected you personally and the broader group?
    • ▷  How much do we prioritize avoiding problems? Why?
    • ▷  When are times that we are the most prevention/promotion-minded?
    • ▷  Are we more comfort-focused or more purpose-focused?
    • ▷  What happens when a problem occurs? How do we “react” to it?
    • ▷  What is our destination? How do we know when we are making progress toward it?
    • ▷  What is our purpose?
    • ▷  When we work with our customers, are we more focused on getting things “right” or on adding value?
    • ▷  How open are we to altering our course?


  • Am I being prevention- or promotion-minded?
  • Am I being comfort-focused or purpose-focused?
  • I am open to unlimited possibilities
  • I have the power to get it done
  • I can take on the winds and currents of the sea to get to my destination
  • I am capable of navigating the unknown
  • Focus on customers more than vendors; smiles more than frowns; possibilities more than risks; options more than commitments; vacations more than overtime; detours more than setbacks; opportunities more than obstacles; and Goldilocks more than the bears

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