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Become the person who can do the thing Jeff Heggie business coach entrepreneur

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

The hard part is not achieving your goals. The hard part is becoming the person who can do the things that will allow you to achieve your goals.

Becoming the person who can do “the thing” was a topic that I recently talked about in a group coaching session. This is a really important topic which many people don’t think about.

I want to share some of the things I shared in our coaching call, but also expand on it some more and hopefully give you some ideas that will help you achieve your dreams.

As a business coach I often have people who come to me who are, let’s say at a level five in their business, and they want me to just tell them what to do so that they can immediately be like another person, who is at a level ten.

This is like one of my high school basketball players coming to me and asking me what they need to do so that tomorrow they are the next Michael Jordan.

If I tell you what to do, you’re not going to be able to do it successfully until you become the person that can do that thing.

The other day I had to take my truck to the shop to get some work done. I needed someone to meet me there so that I could get a ride home. But when I was ready to go, everyone that could help me was busy. So I looked at my son, Jamari, and jokingly told him to grab the keys to the Yukon and follow me to the shop. Jamari is eleven and doesn’t know how to drive. He has not yet become the person who could do that.

This is often the biggest problem we have in achieving our goals. We have not yet become the person who can do the thing required.

Unfortunately, most of us have been programmed by a system that when something doesn’t produce the results you want, you say that it didn’t work, and you quit. But what you don’t recognize is that while you were trying and felt like it wasn’t working because it wasn’t producing the results you desired, that experience was working on you to make you the person who would eventually be able to do whatever it is that you were working on.

You need to recognize that your experiences, your wins, and your failures are helping you to become the person who can do “the thing.”


After talking about this in our coaching call, I continued to think more about it and the importance of your identity in your success. In order to become the person who can do “the thing,” you need to be able to change your own identity.

In his book, Identity Shift, Anthony Trucks says, “Your identity is how you operate. How you operate determines how you perform in life daily. How you perform consistently, over time, determines the success, or lack thereof, you’ll have in life. Your success will ultimately determine whether or not you have success and elevate your life.”

Watch my interview with Anthony HERE or listen on Apple Podcast HERE

In Atomic Habits, James Clear says that most people don’t even consider identity change when they set out to improve.

As an example, think of someone who wants to lose some weight. They say, “I want to be skinny,” which is an outcome. Their belief is, “if I stick to this diet, I’ll be skinny,” which is a process.

Clear says, “they set goals and determine the actions they should take to achieve those goals without considering the beliefs that drive those actions… they never shift the way they look at themselves, and they never consider that their old identity can sabotage their new plans for change.”

As we consider the person who we need to become in order to achieve our dreams, we have to make a change to our identity.

In January of 2020, in one of the first episodes of The Richie Norton Show podcast, Richie interviewed Jeff Goins. Jeff shared something that has really stuck with me about our identity and becoming the person who can do the things we want to do. He talked about when he wanted to become a writer. He said that in order for him to achieve that goal he recognized that, “before I can do something, I have to become someone.” Jeff said that “activity follows identity,” and at that point he switched from wanting to become a writer, to identifying as a writer. From that point on, his actions followed his identity and now he’s the author of many books.

Become the Person

In The Peak Performance System for High Achievers I teach a lot about the right way to set your goals and understand your why behind each goal (outcomes). I also talk about the systems to achieve these goals and setting up your accountability (process). This is a powerful and effective training system, but admittedly, I neglected to include a very important step, which is Identity, how to become the person who can achieve the goal.

This is an important part of the process. As you set your big goals determine who you need to become in order to achieve them.

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Free Mindset Assessment

There are sets of beliefs and assumptions that shape our identity. One of the ways I help people achieve their goals is through my mindset coaching sessions where we identify the underlying mental blocks that can be holding them back and then determining if there are any foundational mindsets that are driving those mental blocks. This is a powerful Vertical Development exercise that will help you along your journey.

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