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Chad Busick Championship Mindset with Jeff Heggie Daily Success Strategies

“In coaching and motivating top-performing athletes, one thing became clear to me: regardless of the results, the person you become (or don’t become) in the process is the ultimate measure of your success.”

Daily Success Strategies Episode 580: Chad Busick | Championship Mindset

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The Vision Championship Mindset - Chad Busick and Jeff Heggie
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Chad Busick

A former collegiate soccer athlete, Chad graduated with a degree in Psychology.

Today, he partners with college, high school and competitive sports teams as a coach and mentor.

He is a Master Facilitator with Advance Sports Technology as well as a Power of Positive Leadership Certified Trainer with Jon Gordon Companies and author of the book The Rock Tumbler.

Whether it’s through positive leadership skills, mental fitness or finding strength and light in your true path, Chad challenges people to think differently in his individual and team workshops.

Just because you are not where you want to be doesn’t mean you can’t end up there.

Championship Mindset’s goal is to encourage, challenge, activate, and inspire others.

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Like rocks in a rock tumbler, the events in our lives can seem to chip away at us and wear us down, leaving behind an empty shell of ourselves. What if these external pressures don’t break us, but instead carve us into our most authentic selves? What if, instead of crumbling, we shine? The Rock Tumbler empowers us to view our life challenges, not as things we merely “survive” or “get through”, but as opportunities to grow; shaping and molding us into the people we are destined to become.

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