Are You Ready To Develop a Powerful Mindset, Extreme Confidence, and Reach Your Full Potential?

The Confident Athlete Program Membership from Jeff Heggie and Tami Matheny


Develop A Powerful Mindset, Extreme
Self-Confidence, And Reach Your Full Potential!

You Put A Lot Of Time And Effort Into The Physical Aspect Of Your Sport. The Mental Game Is Just As Important And Separates The Good From The Great Athletes.

Here’s Just Some of What You Get In The Confident Athlete Program Membership Site…

The Success Path

This is the core of The Confident Athlete Program! The Success Path is designed to develop a high level of confidence and reach your full potential through proven techniques, strategies, and tools!

Monthly Masterclass

Continual progress and improvement is vital to your success and confidence. Each month you’ll have a new Masterclass full of valuable knowledge, information, and tools.

Monthly Group Coaching

Each month you’ll receive specific group coaching that will focus on the most important strategies that will help you to reach your full potential and achieve your goals!


In the Resources you’ll have everything you need to implement powerful success habits into your life and game. You’ll also have access to important information on topics such as Recruiting!

Monthly Personal Development

The most successful athletes look for opportunities to separate themselves from their competition. Each month you will have a new Personal Development Masterclass that will help you develop a Powerful Mindset!


In addition to all of these incredible resources, There Is So Much More! As a member of The Confident Athlete Program you’ll also have access to The Experts, Members Only Podcast, Confidence Tools, and much more being added each and every month!

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