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Jeff has a passion for working with athletes and has developed programs to help you develop your confidence, mental toughness, and create a powerful mindset that will separate you from your competition. To become a great athlete you have to dedicate yourself to the physical aspect of your sport. But it’s often the mental game that differentiates the good and the great athletes. Jeff will help you to develop a strong mental game that will take you to another level!

Jeff Heggie The Confident Athlete Program

The Confident Athlete Program

Discover The Secret Formula To Develop A Powerful Mindset, Extreme Self-Confidence, And Take Your Game To The Next Level

If you’re looking for the advantage over your competition, The Confident Athlete Program is your answer!

The Confident Athlete Team Program


I’ll help you to creating a unified team with players who have a powerful mindset, and great self-confidence allowing them to perform at their peak level…

Jeff Heggie Coaching Confident Athlete Team Program

The Peak Performance Collection

For Athletes, Coaches, and High Achievers

High Achievers Coaching Programs

Exclusive Success Coaching

Personalized one-on-one and group coaching available for those who are looking to do amazing things in their life.

Jeff Heggie Success Coaching


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Jeff Heggie Mindset Questions The Real Secret to Success

Mindset Questions: The Real Secret to Success

“Jeff is passionate about helping his clients achieve the next level by helping them excel in the areas they may be lacking in. It is said that knowledge is knowing the things to be done, but wisdom is knowing those steps in the right order. I highly recommend Jeff as a coach.”

— C. Starks – Coach, Entrepreneur, Professional Athlete

“I finished module 3, “Your Why – 7 Levels Deep,” it was a great exercise to unearth the actual importance of your goal at a deeper level and to entirely embrace your WHY.
After doing this Momentum Series course now I have clarity and understanding that all the answers are within us and admired the way you walked me through it.
Now I have an understanding of how our; potential, action, result and belief/certainty (confidence) cycle can influence us if we are mindful and positive then we can achieve anything in life, InshaAllah!”

— Misha Irshad

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