Episode 059: The Jeff & Heidi Show Podcast with Jennifer Milius and Dr. Wayne Applewhite

The Jeff & Heidi Show podcast featuring Jennifer Milius and Dr.Wayne Applewhite.

Ask Your Coach: Problem Solving with Jeff Heggie

Speaking to the Ask Your Coach group on Problem Solving. Instagram comment from Tina Gill: “As we walk this crazy and winding road of life, it’s not news that we will face challenges and problems along the way. So often though, rather than seeing our problems as opportunities for growth, we see them as roadblocksContinue reading “Ask Your Coach: Problem Solving with Jeff Heggie”

The Only Person That Remembers Second Place Is The Person That Got It

Episode 210 – Jeff Heggie Daily Success Strategies with World Champion, Tyson Durfey Watch The Full Interview With Tyson Durfey Tyson Durfey 2016 World Champion Tie-Down Roper 14 Time NFR Qualifier https://www.instagram.com/tysondurfey/ https://www.facebook.com/tysondurfey https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNn2vQPF-Qgei9DJC32xV2Q https://www.nolimitsmentorship.com/ Transcript From Podcast: Jeff Heggie (00:00): Hey, welcome back. Jeff Heggie daily success strategies. Thanks for being with me today.Continue reading “The Only Person That Remembers Second Place Is The Person That Got It”

SAVVY The Business Magazine

January 2021 Issue There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge. Both discipline and strength are the offsprings of mindset. I’m both excited and proud of the January issues of SAVVY The Business Magazine and Jeff’s Shed from SAVVY The Business Magazine. The magazine creator, Melissa Ambers, is an amazing and generousContinue reading “SAVVY The Business Magazine”