Our Companies

Our lives revolve around our children and our companies.  I’m not one to post a lot about my children on my site, but I’d love for you to check out our companies.  This page shows some of the companies we are currently involved with.

I co-founded Kodiak Mountain Stone in 2005.  We are involved in the construction industry supplying masonry products.  We produce our own line of manufactured stone veneer and distribute other lines of manufactured stone, natural stone, brick and acrylic stucco.  Our factory is in Springvilie, Utah and we have retail locations in Calgary and Lethbridge, Alberta. Our next location will soon be opening in Arizona.


One of my passions is entrepreneurship. I love it as a lifestyle and I love to hear the stories and experiences of other entrepreneurs. Because of this I partnered with one of my business associates, Eric Chang, to start Entrepreneur Next Door. At Entrepreneur Next Door we interview everyday entrepreneurs in our podcast to learn from their experiences of how they have built their businesses. If you are interested in applying to be on our podcast, click HERE.



Kodiak Mountain Stone ENextDoor.JPG
Kodiak Mountain Stone 
Click here to visit our website and buy online
Entrepreneur Next Door



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