Our Companies

Our lives revolve around our children and our companies.  I’m not one to post a lot about my children on my site, but I’d love for you to check out our companies.  This page shows some of the companies we are currently involved with.

I co-founded Kodiak Mountain Stone in 2005.  We are involved in the construction industry supplying masonry products.  We distribute a number of lines of manufactured stone veneer, natural stone, brick and acrylic stucco.  We supply customers throughout North America with our home store located in Lethbridge AB, Canada.

As an entrepreneur I’m always looking for new opportunities as well as new and better ways to market our existing products or services. The technology behind Kodiak GeoGemz caught my attention quickly for two reasons. First, I recognized the opportunities it provided for us to market our own products and services. The second reason was because I recognized how it could benefit so many of the people we currently work with in our different businesses and industries. Kodiak GeoGemz allow you to market to your customers wherever you are. Proximity Marketing is going to be an effective way to market all around you. Click Here to find out more and discover the opportunities that are available to you!

Kodiak Mountain Stone https://www.geogemz.com/kodiak/
Kodiak Mountain Stone 
Click here to visit our website and buy online
Kodiak GeoGemz
Click Here to find our more about Proximity Marketing

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