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I have read a lot of books that I have loved. I’m not going to share all of them here, but this is a big list of some of my favourite books that I recommend. They are in no particular order. Many of these books could fit into more than one category. You may think a particular book belongs in a different category than I’ve placed it. There are no right or wrong’s to the categories, I’ve just chosen one that I though worked.

If you are interested in learning more about one of these books just click on the title. If you have a great book that you would like to suggest, please leave it in the comments at the bottom!

Current & Most Recent Books Read click link at the bottom of each image for details

Must Read’s click link at the bottom of each image for details

Click on a title for book details

Success, Personal Development and Motivation (and others I’m just not sure where to put)

Business Related (Miscellaneous)

Marketing and Sales

Leadership and Management

Money , Wealth and Finance

Entrepreneurship and Startups

Negotiation, Persuasion and Presentation

Real Estate

Rich Dad Series

Biographies & Autobiographies 

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